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Extra smooth glide
The C10 mousepad offers an extra smooth gliding surface with a slight hint of gloss, giving it a completely different, speedy feel. In comparison to the i-Rocks regular mousepad, the i-Rocks mousepad does not have gloss and gives a more controlled glide.




Rubberized base
The base of the entire mousepad is rubberized to root the mousepad to the surface of the desk. This prevents any unnecessary mousepad movements during intense gaming sessions, which could be disastrous to the outcome of your game.




Laser/optical compatible
The surface of the C10 is optimized for any laser or optical mice on the market.


Cloth-based pad
As a cloth-based pad, the C10 can be easily folded and is extremely portable to any LAN parties or tournaments. Feedback from professional gamers helped us determine that a cloth-based pad surface was more friendly with the wrist friction.


Material : Fabric + Natural rubber
Dimension : 366 X 262 X 4 mm

For those who prefer a smooth surface for more glide, the C10 is suitable for your taste.