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Mechanical Keyboard
What is a mechanical keyboard? Compared to the conventional membrane keyboards which actuates when the keys are fully pressed to the bottom (to close a circuit on the membrane board), mechanical keyboards have a much shorter actuation distance, and each key on the mechanical keyboard has its own independent switch.
In simpler terms, the force and pressing distance needed to register a key on a mechanical keyboard is much smaller – giving the user a super smooth, super fast typing experience.
Cherry MX Blue switches
The KR6251E is built with Cherry MX Blue key switches – the most tactile and clicky switch of them all, while still preserving a low actuation force at only 50g per key. Have you imagined that every key that you type on the keyboard feels as tactile and clicks like a mouse? Not only it feels good to type on, the audible feedback is amazing as well.
Anti-ghosting is a mechanism which allows multiple keys to be registered simultaneously at keystroke. The KR6251E allows up to 6-key anti-ghosting, which is particularly important especially for FPS games which multiple keystrokes are constantly necessary.
Metal inner chasis
The KR6251E’s inner chasis is made of metal for extra durability and a solid, heavy feel to the keyboard. Along with the mechanical key switches which is also made for millions and millions of strokes, the KR6251E might just last you for your lifetime.
3 backlighting modes
Prepare to awe yourself and your friends with the blue illuminated backlights of the KR6251E. The backlighting options are also aplenty, from choosing to light up only the WASD or Direction keys, to the varying brightness of the backlight itself. Customise the backlights to your own preference!
Braided cables
Equipped with anti-tangling braided cables, the keyboard provides users a relief from their cable tangling issues along with the premium texture.


  • Interface: USB
  • Key number: 104 keys (by language)
  • Key switch: Cherry MX series Blue switch
  • USB 2.0 hubs: 2 ports
  • Cable length: 200cm
  • Dimensions: 446 x 140 x 36mm
  • 3-mode Blue LED backlights
  • Num Lock / Caps Lock / Scroll Lock LED indicators