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High quality, durable materials
The quality of a backpack’s components is usually crucial to the overall durability and satisfaction of using it. Compared to conventional backpacks, the i-Rocks IR1080 Gaming Backpack is made of premium quality and heavy duty materials. One can easily see the difference, for example the huge zipper prevents any kind of zipper-malfunction that happens often in low quality bags.




Extra room
The interior of the IR1080 backpack is exclusively made with extra room to accommodate the full set of your gaming equipment. A full-sized keyboard, mouse, rolled-up large mousepad and an extra headset fits perfectly into the backpack without any hassle.




LED illuminated 
Toggleable LED lights (Off, On, and Blinking) is an extra convenience that the IR1080 backpack provide for night time commuting. The LED lights makes cycling or walking in the night safer as the illuminated backpack gives extra visibility to others.







Padded backs and straps

For long periods of commuting, the IR1080 Gaming Backpack helps you to feel more comfortable with the padded surface that come in contact with your back, as well as large shoulder straps for minimal stress on your shoulders.