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i-Rocks sponsors The Big Game 37
/ 2014-09-04 /

The BIG GAME is a UK LAN party based in Southampton, Hampshire which started in 2000. This year’s event, their 37th was sponsored by i-Rocks and resulted in a lot of exposure as well as valuable end user feedback that will no doubt help i-Rocks to continue growing in Europe. i-Rocks provided all of the prizes from their debut Rock Series range as well as exclusive i-Rocks gaming backpacks currently unavailable in the U.K to purchase.


All sorts of games are played at the BIG GAME including first person shooters (FPS) like Quake 3, Battlefield and Call of Duty. Strategy (RTS) games like Dawn of war 2, Command & Conquer, Homeworld and Company of Heroes. MOBA's (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) like League or Legends and DOTA.
At BG37 i-Rocks travelled down on the final day of the LAN party to test out the theory that a blindfolded gamer would struggle to tell the difference between the membrane based i-Rocks K10 keyboard alongside another branded mechanical keyboard of similar spec based on key feel. Throughout the day gamers of all ages and abilities had a go at the blindfolded test and were able to explore the i-Rocks K10 in more detail after guessing which keyboard felt the most mechanical.


As a thank you for taking part each gamer was entered into a prize draw to win an i-Rocks K10 keyboard. 
The results from the blind test came back to show that a staggering 77% of participants struggled to guess correctly which keyboard was mechanical. This supports our theory and shows how close the key feel of the i-Rocks K10 keyboard is to similar branded, more expensive mechanicals. This goes to show that not all quality, well-built keyboards don’t need to have a hefty price tag that you’d normally associate with keyboards of this quality. 




More photos are avaliable of this great weekend on Flicker