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i-Rocks Launches Several New Products On WCG 2013 Grand Finals
/ 2013-12-04 /

The 4 day WCG Grand Finals held in China, Kunshan city involved more than 500 elite players from over 40 different countries playing a few thousand rounds of games to win the coveted world title. i-Rocks was designated to be the official sponsor for keyboards and mice. Thanks to this chance, i-Rocks boasted its innovative designs for gaming peripherals by displaying new products at their booth, including products with exclusive color ways such as Team EP, Miss, XC, and the Macaron True Color Series.


Team EP was established in 2012 and participates in games like League of Legends, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Crossfire, FIFA 14,and NiZhan (Assault Fire). EP was invited to the venue to share their experience with the products.

Team EP customized keyboard – the i-Rocks IK10-EP. With blue and white color way, the IK10-EP is equipped with i-Rocks M+ Technology, POM guide sleeves, PBT durable keycaps (with extra stylish replaceable keycaps), 30 key simultaneous trigger anti-ghosting, high quality internal steel plane and splash-proof function.

Team EP customized mouse – the i-Rocks IM1.2-EP. The i-Rocks IM1.2-EP is the i-Rocks Spirit Shuttle in blue and white color way, and comes with Omron 7N micro switches, i-Rocks exclusive 3D Dreaming Backlight DC Technology and 16 million color variations, 3 adjustable DPI, anti-sweat case, comfortable anti-slip silicon on the sides, and a full frontal laser carved Team EP logo.


The other customized product set is the MISS set, which immediately became the center of attention in the exhibition hall thanks to the well-known e-sport commentator, MISS.

MISS Signature Gaming Keyboard – the i-Rocks IK3-MISS employs the same POM guide sleeves to ensure a tactile typing feel. The i-Rocks IK3-MISS comes with 24 key simultaneous trigger anti-ghosting function, 3 adjustable turbo modes for lowest input latency, high quality steel plane, blue “M” keycap and MISS’s signature for resemblance.

MISS Signature Spirit Shuttle Gaming Mouse – the i-Rocks IM1.2-MISS. Apart from the standard features of the i-Rocks Spirit Shuttle, the i-Rocks IM1.2-MISS has blue and white color way and MISS’s signature in Chinese.


The Xiao Cang set. Xiao Cang, also known as XC, is an ex-Warcraft professional player, and the torch holder of the Beijing Olympics.

XC Signature Gaming Keyboard – the i-Rocks IK3-XC. On top of the same features with the MISS Signature Gaming Keyboard, the i-Rocks IK3-XC comes in black and gold color way and has its “X” and “C” keycaps in gold.

XC Signature Gaming Mouse – the i-Rocks IM1R-XC. It is the XC version of the i-Rocks 7810R, set with black and gold color way to match XC’s Weibo. The i-Rocks IM1R-XC uses Omron 7N micro switches as well as anti-sweat case. The moderate length of 113mm is suitable for hands of all sizes. The i-Rocks 7810R is wielded by WE We1xiao, WE Caomei, OMG Gogoing, OMG Cool, ex-Royal White, and ex-Royal Tabe, etc. in RTS/MOBA games.


The Macaron keyboard and mouse set is an official nickname given by i-Rocks to their True Color Series. From the colorful selections, it is believed that i-Rocks wants to resemble the renowned French dessert in order to attract female users. Chiclet keyboard with bright finish and rounded edge proves i-Rocks has reached a whole new level of aesthetics. The same color scheme goes for the mouse, plus anti-slip side bars for females with relatively smaller palms.


Waterproof IK10 Gaming Keyboard – the i-Rocks IK10WN Plus. If you are thinking of splash-proof, then you are really belittling i-Rocks. The i-Rocks IK10WN Plus can be normally functional under water. Of course, no users will use a keyboard under water, but the idea is when drinks are accidentally spilt over the keyboard, users can simply unplug the keyboard and rinse it under the tap in the bathroom. The core to this keyboard is the POM guide sleeve, 3.8mm stroke, pressing force of 55g, as high as 20 million hit lifecycle, and almost mechanical tactile feeling. It is also designed to suit most mechanical keycaps, so users can replace the keycaps with their own likings.


The chaotic scene at the WCG 2013 Grand Finals.