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i-Rocks G01 – The all-rounded Bluetooth Gamepad
/ 2014-05-30 /

Mobile devices are infiltrating human life deeper and deeper as technology continues to advance. This new satisfaction not only fulfills businesspeople who are often in need of the cloud technology, but also brings convenience to gamers that seek for excitement anywhere, anytime.


i-Rocks, with their concept - "There’s no best, only better", conducted thorough research on gamers’ habits for months and have finally come to the ultimate conclusion – i-Rocks G01 Bluetooth Gamepad.

Product Features:

Considering the fact that people are starting to own more than one smart phones, the i-Rocks G01 Bluetooth Gamepad integrates 3 platforms into one product. No matter smartphones, tablet PC, PC, or laptops, all are compatible to the i-Rocks G01 Bluetooth Gamepad through high-tech Bluetooth connection.


As more and more OS (operating systems) are released, the i-Rocks G01 Bluetooth Gamepad is designed to function on iOS, Android, or Windows on PC and laptops at a simple pairing action.

The i-Rocks G01 Bluetooth Gamepad has built-in extension mechanism to accommodate different sized mobile devices flexibly.


Programmable Buttons
The i-Rocks G01 Bluetooth Gamepad comes with 10 physical programmable buttons for limitless functions. Assign any in-game functions to the buttons and let the awesome button feedback give you an unprecedented controllability.


Unrestricted Connection
The i-Rocks G01 Bluetooth Gamepad employs advanced Bluetooth technology that provides up to 10 meters effective distance and latency-free response to ensure gamers flawless control.


Ultra-Long Operating Hours
Play for up to 20 hours continuously on the i-Rocks G01 Bluetooth Gamepad and it will never let you down. Standby time is even as high as 50 hours. 

i-Rocks cordially welcome you to this year’s Taipei Computex in exhibition hall 1 Booth B0634 if you wish to be overwhelmed by the i-Rocks G01 Bluetooth Gamepad. Do not miss out on these games:
Asphalt 8: Airborne – Officially authorized by Gameloft
格鬥江湖 – Officially authorized by Shoryuken