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G02 Q & A

Q1. I have successfully connected the Gamepad to my Android device through Bluetooth, but the Gamepad doesn't work.
After connecting the Gamepad to your Android device through Bluetooth, you can control your device interface with the D-Pad on the Gamepad. If the Gamepad does not work, please check the compatibility of your device. Currently, some device using MediaTek (MTK) mobile chips do not support gamepad functions. For device compatibility list, please visit the i-Rocks official website.


Q2. I have successfully connected the Gamepad to my device through Bluetooth, but I can't use any input methods.

After connecting the Gamepad to your device through Bluetooth, the Gamepad will be recognized by the device as an input method, hence any other input methods will not be able to work. If you wish to use any input method other than the Gamepad, please disconnect the Gamepad first.

Q3. Is the G02 Gamepad compatible with PC Windows OS?
1. The G02 Gampad supports Windows PC DirectInput, but not the XInput.
2. For games that do not support gamepads, if the game allows button assigning, you can switch the G02 Gamepad to ""Keyboard and Mouse Mode"" in order to assign each button to a corresponding game function.


3. Below is the button correspondance chart when the G02 Gamepad is used in PC Windows.


Q4. Does the G02 Gamepad support emulators?
a. The G02 Gamepad supports emulators for FC, GBA, SFC, N64, etc.
b. Emulators tested and proved for the G02 Gamepad:
02. Nesoid
03. NES.emu
04. SuperGNES
05. Pretendo DS Emulator
06. emuN64
07. CoolN64
08. GBA Emulator
09. GBA.emu
10. GBC.emu
11. MD.emu
12. Gameboy Color A.D.